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[ FB&L ] Food, Beverage, & Labor Cost Control Quarterly

Restaurant Institute has opportunities for you to be published.  You can submit an article for our brand new quarterly publication, [  FB&L ] Food, Beverage, and Labor Cost Control Quarterly, was launched in the Fall of 2018.  To subscribe, click on the link below. .  

Volume 2  | Number 1  | Fall 2019

Volume 2 | Number 1 | Fall 2019

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A must have tool for all culinary and foodservice professionals. Easy reference guide to assist in recipe costing and menu development. Included are densities, weight conversions, temperature conversions, process and can yields and so much more! Keep the important data close to you with this pocket book.

A must have for every culinarian and foodservice professional. Learn about the importance of recipe costing, inventory management, cost controls, performance benchmarking, just-in-time (JIT) practices, menu engineering, financial analysis to benefit your operations. A primer that all within the industry should possess in order to be successul!